Finns, Italy and English

I met a lot of Finnish people that said me “I’ve been to Italy. Nice country. It’s a pity that nobody speaks English.”
I will not complain about that. It’s true, it’s a nice country and we don’t speak English even we study it.
But, my dear Finns, you should explain me why, while you are in Italy, you need to talk to everybody and when you are in Finland you are so quiet?? 😀
So, what is wrong when you are above the 60th parallel? 😉
I cannot fully understand this… so Finns, I’m waiting for your replies! 🙂



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3 responses to “Finns, Italy and English

  1. I am Australian, of a Finnish grandfather. I have a house in Italy where I spend 6 months of the year. I speak English, passable Italian and a few words of Finnish. I can’t believe i found a blog with a Finnish/Italian connection. I have no answer for your question.

    • Hi Debra!
      ehehe! World is small! 😉
      You’re living in a real nice area! Toscana is really lovely! Hope you enjoy my country and have great time there! Sometimes I miss it!
      Anyway, have you ever been in Finland?

  2. I have been to Finland several times, I was there last week. I have driven all over the country and absolutely love it. I will be back in Helsinki briefly in February. I have done several posts on the blog about Helsinki.

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